A stack of folders full of paper-based invoices, purchase orders, and shipping documents.

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Does your AP team currently print out paper invoices and assemble “packages” with related purchase orders and shipping documents?

As you know, this is a very tedious and time-consuming process. (Not to mention, expensive).

Plus, when things fall through the cracks, payments get delayed. This impacts vendor relationships and early-payment discounts.

You may also be dealing with the complexity of matching a single PO with multiple invoices. Or a single invoice with multiple POs.

There’s an easier way.

Contexture automates 3-way matching for invoices, POs and shipping documents. We can also automatically match items on a single PO against multiple invoices – and items on a single invoice with multiple POs.

The end result:

  • Significant time and cost savings
  • 3-way matching for all invoices
  • Faster payment cycles
  • Early-payment discounts
  • Improved vendor relationships
  • Less paper consumption
  • And a happier and more productive AP team

Get started today with Contexture AP Automation.

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