Photo of a credit card receipt terminal and receipt paper.

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How many “missing expense receipt” forms does your company receive each month?

One of our construction clients had this very question.

They process 5,000-10,000 pages of employee expense receipts per month, but didn’t have an easy way to calculate the number of lost expense receipt forms they receive among these. 👀

👉 The solution: Contexture is able to use its AI-powered OCR technology to scan through the 10,000 records, identify the lost receipt forms, and extract any data elements needed to a CSV or Excel file.

All in a matter of seconds. 🧭

With this information, Accounting can quickly calculate the number of lost receipts, the value of these items, and assess whether anyone is potentially abusing the company’s expense receipt policy. 📊

Another example of how Contexture and AI are making life easier for Accounting departments and solving business problems.

Contact us to learn more ways to automate your expense management processes.

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